Nikki D'Arruda

Supporting: Help Us Rock! 2019 for Girls Rock Charlotte


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I wish that something existed like this when I was a young girl! There were so many times as a kid that I would have benefited from a musical outlet like this. This cause means a lot to me bc I was the girl that never felt ‘good enough’, and I want to help teach girls early on that their voice matters, and that they are more than good enough. They are going to be powerful leaders of the future, and it’s important that we foster that. Girls Rock Charlotte Camp helps so many find their voice, and in this day in age I think it’s so important for girls to start finding their voice early on.  I am so excited to be a Band Manager for a group of young girls at the Kids Camp in a week. We wouldn’t be able to put this on without our donors, and even the smallest bit helps. Please consider making a donation ❤ Thank you so much.

"This camp was the most rewarding thing my child has ever attended," 2018 camper parent.

100 youth will rock n' reel in 2019....BECAUSE OF YOU!!!  Help us to teach them all to rock their voice, vision and power - together. Our summer camp scholarship fundraiser is for the 50+ deserving kids and teens who will be rocking the stage and screen this year!!

Our campers say...

"This camp is encouraging and gave me hope."

"The teach us so many great things about women's empowerment and I love that they teach us that girls can do anything."

"Best camp ever!"

Our families say...

"My daughter loved it and came home every day feeling excited and empowered."

"Our whole family cried happy tears watching her...this is an amazing camp for girls and does amazing things for their confidence."

"Thank you for providing my child with friendship, confidence and acceptance."